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We sell, service and repair Miele vacuum cleaners. Every home is unique, and we specialize in fitting the right vacuum to our customer needs. Whether you prefer an upright or a canister, have wall-to-wall carpet or all hardwoods there is a perfect Miele for you. All bags, filters, and accessory tools in stock to keep your home clean & healthy!






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Miele AllTeQ Combo Tool- SBD285-3


Miele Bag- FJM


Miele CX1 Vacuum Blizzard Cat & Dog


Miele Filter- HX-FSF Triflex


Miele TriFlex Vacuum HX1 Cat & Dog


Miele Triflex Vacuum HX1 Graphite Gray


Miele Bag- GN


Miele Bag- H


Miele Bag- KK


Miele Bag- U


Miele Filter- Hepa SF/HA 30


Miele Filter- Hepa SF/HA 50


Miele Filter- Pet SF/AA 30


Miele FIlter- Pet SF/AA 50


Miele Filter-SF/H 10


Miele C1 Vacuum Compact Homecare- Red


Miele C3 Vacuum Brilliant


Miele C3 Vacuum Calima


Miele C3 Vacuum Cat & Dog


Miele C3 Vacuum Marin