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Elna Press 720


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Cut your ironing time in half! The ElnaPress has an ironing surface more than 10 times larger than a conventional iron. With an ElnaPress you'll get professional dry-cleaning results while using less electricity than a conventional iron- so you save time, energy and money. The ElnaPress is portable, compact, lightweight, easy to set-up and put away. Designed and engineered in Geneva, Switzerland Elna has been a household name in Europe for over 40 years.

Features: Electronic temperature control with automatic power cut-off and VapoJet technology.

Why VapoJet? The VapoJet, in combination with the stellar heat capability of the ElnaPress Peraluman shoe, eliminates steam all together. A light burst of water sprays easily and evenly on the surface of the press. Once the 100 lbs. of pressure is applied with the heat the water is instantly dissolved along with any pesky wrinkles, leaving no stains on fabric surface.